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Canopy Cover


Supported Sensors: RGB, BGNIR, RGNIR Supported Resolution: 5.00 cm/px or less Estimated Processing: Less than 2 hours


Quantify plot-level statistics.

Canopy Cover mapping tool is based of a robust vegetation index and provides an accurate delineation of vegetated area. From the canopy cover, it is possible to quantify the percentage of foliar cover per area (plots, fields).
The produced layer is best used in a GIS to generate vegetation cover statistics.

Inputs Outputs
  1. Orthorectified Image (GeoTIFF)
  2. Region of Interest (Shapefile)
  1. Georeferenced Index Image (Compressed Folder containing GeoTIFF)
  2. KML and TMS Tile Set (Compressed Folder)
  3. PDF report depicting 2D map of results