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Nitrogen In-Crop Map

Leonardo - Absolute Sense ™

Supported Sensors: Parrot Sequoia Supported Resolution: 50.00 cm/px or less Estimated Processing: Less than 2 hours


Absolute Sense™ – In Crop Mapping – Nitrogen – Winter Wheat*

A new layer of information to support agronomic decision-making.

  • Instant view of nitrogen distribution in your field.
  •  Benefits:
    • See in-field N variation.
    • See best/worst areas for nitrogen uptake.
    • Combine with other in-crop nutrient maps and/or soil maps to get a full layered picture of information.
    • Supports planning decisions.
  • Values in kilogrammes of nitrogen per hectare.
  •  Benefits:
    • Additional information to support agronomic decisions for calculating fertiliser applications.

Two colour profiles are supported:

  1. Equal Area uses a dynamic legend, enabling users to see more detail across the field, highlighting where the variation in the field is at one time. This option is best for supporting fertiliser management decisions.
  2. Equal Spacing visibly useful when comparing against other fields and also previous in-season maps of the same field across growth stages.

Required Conditions for Optimal Data Capture

  • Good sunlight - best times of day between 10:00 through to 15:00.
  • Clear skies (cloud patches over the capture area may cast shadows and degrade data).
  • The sensor must be calibrated. (i.e. using panels of reflection).

*Tested on feed winter wheat


Download more information about the Leonardo field trials.

Inputs Outputs
  1. Orthorectified Image (GeoTIFF)
  2. Region of Interest (Shapefile)
  3. Select Growth Stage
  1. Georeferenced Index Image (Compressed Folder containing GeoTIFF)
  2. KML and TMS Tile Set (Compressed Folder)