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Roof Report


Supported Sensors: RGB Supported Resolution: 10.00 cm/px or less Estimated Processing: Less than 4 hours


From accelerating the insurance claims process to optimizing your facility management workflow, Roof Report helps you measure a roof without the time, risk, and bias of traditional inspections.

Creating your report is easy. Just crop and annotate (roof facets, eaves, rakes, ridges, and valleys) an existing PrecisionMapper 3D model, and Roof Report will produce a PDF featuring:

images of the roof from North, South, East, and West compass directions
survey information, including: date, location, latitude/longitude, map projection, resolution, and weather
and measurements, by facet, including: dimensions, square feet, and pitch.

To read more about how PrecisionHawk is helping the Insurance industry, visit our blog.

Inputs Outputs
  1. Orthorectified Image (GeoTIFF)
  2. Digital Surface Model Image (GeoTIFF)
  3. Roof facet polygons
  1. PDF report depicting basic information, maps of roof with mesurements
  2. Roof facet Shapefile with measurements