Supported Sensors: BGNIR Supported Resolution: 100.00 cm/px or less Estimated Processing: Less than 2 hours


Identify standing water in pre-emergent agriculture fields
Using only high-resolution imagery from your NIR modified sensor, areas of standing water in agriculture fields can be accurately identified and measured. This algorithm was developed to work in pre-emergent agricultural fields and quantify areas that cannot be planted due to standing water. Additional uses could include determining flood damage immediately after an extreme rain event or monitoring water levels of permanent water features.

Users should be aware that outside of pre-emergent agriculture conditions there is potential to misclassify non-water features as standing water. Typically, dark surfaces (shadows, asphalt, etc.) can be confused with water in this algorithm.

Inputs Outputs
  1. Orthorectified Image (GeoTIFF)
  1. Georeferenced Water Image (Compressed Folder containing GeoTIFF)
  2. KML Tile Set (Compressed Folder)
  3. Text file with total area in acres covered by water
  4. ESRI Format Geospatial Shapefile